Don't you just love a notebook

Spaghetti is an innovative quarterly dated notebook concept; three months in
each book, with two pages per day in a cool contemporary layout. An excellent business or personal
tool with daily tasks and priorities in each notebook which will bring focus
to accomplishing quarterly goals in 90 day sprints.


We know you like the sleekness of standard notebooks, so your set includes a new book every quarter – so it’s no thicker than what you’re used to. In someways you could say you get a fresh start too every 90 days – and you get for different colour bindings throughout the year – gets you one over you friend’s monotone books!


This is the useful bit, we figured you don’t just need to think about today’s task but also what you need to achieve this week. We did put a lot of thought into the layout to try and make it as relevant as possible and of course if you need more space or your writing’s big– there is a whole page of lined paper on the facing page.


When you’re in a meeting or on the phone and your mind is getting restless – there is space for some discreet doodling – of course if you are feeling especially radiant which you might be with one of these in your hand – you can scribble down all your creative ideas. Don’t forget to bring your Sharpie!


Yes it’s your day – so you can tailor it to you. You know what you have to get through, what your projects are, what your goals are – you want to think it through yourself. So we bore this in mind and we think it works – we are confident you will too.

Diary Pages

Stylish & Functional

We’ve coloured up each day differently so you will know when you are in the week, without hardly looking (almost). Plus it just was a nice touch to brighten each day! In all seriousness we all have too much to do, so you’ll find it is very functional and above all will help you get thought your stuff quicker. We used a top designer (true we promise) to make it look good too. We think you will be impressed!

Product Range

Design Collection 2020

Launching for 2020 there are two distinct ranges - Emotion and Touch – as you can see one is just what it says a colour combination that gets your emotions going – If you like design, if you like macchiato at 8, and sushi for lunch this is the one for you! The Touch is subtle, classy and understated but enough to draw the eye - says to the world you have hidden talents….